Episode 7: Bye Fly Bye

Bye Fly Bye - The Research Diaries
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In the final and bittersweet episode, we close out season one of this podcast. I reflect on my first year in the lab and how this experience changed my perspective on scientific research, the excitement of discovery and becoming part of the “in” group, and some advice from my “wiser” self for the next gen of undergrad scientists….these are The Research Diaries.

Episode 6: Smells like Team                           Spirit

Smells like Team Spirit - The Research Diaries
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In this episode, I recount my experiences preparing for my first scientific presentation EVER. I was so worried. BUT, with the help of my mentors and supportive lab group, I realized that we’re all on the same team, working together to make discoveries to enhance our knowledge, and ultimately share that information with others. 

Episode 5: On My Mind

On My Mind - The Research Diaries
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In this episode, the tables are turned, and I am interviewed by journalist Andrea Carter Mincer. We start by recapping student-research life balance and project logistics. But then she hits me with some serious thought-provoking questions, so I lay out exactly what is on my mind

Episode 4: Worth It

Worth It - The Research Diaries
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In this episode, I discuss the history of fly sleep with my faculty mentor Alex Keene. I’ll also meet with my postdoc mentor Bethany Stahl to help interpret my preliminary findings, and a re-hash later on after we make some experimental changes based upon my initial results. BUT, it was all worth it, when I actually find something interesting with MY data.

Episode 3: Here We Go Now

Here We Go Now - The Research Diaries
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In this episode, I describe my research lab and initial feelings as I get my project underway. You'll hear from my mentors, Alex and Bethany, as they recount their early scientific beginnings. I'll also discuss my pilot lab experiments, of which I consider an epic failure, but there was still something to be learned from this!

Episode 2: We the Scientists

We the Scientists - The Research Diaries
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In this episode, I’ll discuss how personalities influence the approach scientists take with Alex and Dr. Simon Sprecher (University of Fribourg). You’ll get know me...my upbringing, struggles, and triumphs that helped spark my interest in research.  I'll also discuss my experiences as a Perugian-American with Dr. Itzel Sifuentes Romero and Nicolas Caicedo, both of whom moved to the US to pursue careers in science.

Episode 1: Inception

Inception - The Research Diaries
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In this inaugural episode, I tell the story of how I found myself studying Alzheimer's disease in fruit flies at Florida Atlantic University. Join me for interviews with Dr. Rod Murphey (Director of the Jupiter Life Science Initiative) and Dr. Johanna Kowalko (Assistant Professor, Wilkes Honors College) on what it means to be a researcher.  The episode includes discussion of how not to email your professors and the thrills of a 20 year old let loose in the lab.

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